Who We Serve:

  • Women 18+
  • Survivors of Sex Trafficking

How We Serve:

  • Strength-Based
  • Trauma-Informed Services
  • Utilize The Samaritan Women Care Model

Phases Of Care


  • Safety – Your Physical Needs
  • Self – Managing – Coping Strategies
  • Suffering – Individual & Group Counseling


  • Spiritual – Faith is our Foundation
  • Self-Care – Hygiene, Domestic Care, Creativity
  • Social – Healthy Family & Friendships


  • Scholastic – Education & Vocational Training
  • Self-Sufficiency – Employment, Financial Freedom
  • Societal – Community Support & Involvement

Stay Up to 24 months

Project 2 Restore is a restoration home in Topeka, KS for women ages 18 – 34. The Project 2 Restore House is available to survivors of sex trafficking. We give each woman the opportunity to grow and heal at her own pace.

Each woman will have a personally designed healing path as she navigates through the Stabilization, Growth, and Independence Phases of our program. Project 2 Restore provides: strengths-based, trauma-informed care; individual and group counseling; healing and encouraging prayer; and therapies such as EMDR, art, music, pet, gardening, equine, and the like.

Education and career training will also be available for each woman, along with classes to build life skills, budgeting, finances, relationships, parenting, and more. Our Restoration House will provide opportunities for you to discover, refresh, and renew your body, spirit, and soul.

Is Project 2 Restore for you?

  • Are you 18 or over?
  • Are you okay with a faith-based program?
  • Are you okay with locating to the capital city in Kansas?
  • Have you ever experienced sexual exploitation?
    • Did you ever have to have sex to meet your needs or in exchange for something of value (money, food, shelter/housing, substances, gifts, and/or favors)?
    • Did someone threaten to harm you, your family or someone else if you did not perform sexual acts?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, apply now.