From Nowhere To Go
To Never Going Back

Restoration Home For Survivors Of Sex Trafficking
Topeka, Kansas

Victims Of Sex Trafficking Need Hope

Human trafficking exploits the most vulnerable in society. Project 2 Restore’s Restoration House is a haven for women, designed to meet the most basic of living needs and the most complex of trauma recovery assistance.

It’s a home where women experience the love of God and the love of others, sometimes for the first time.

It’s a launching pad for beautiful new lives.


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Commit to pray for the residents, staff, and mission of Project 2 Restore.

In-Kind Donations

Donate tangible goods or your expertise directly to Project 2 Restore. 


There are many ways you can help through your time. 

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For people of faith, each day is an opportunity. We make the choice to trust the Lord. We choose to walk out the beliefs in our hearts. We overflow with love for others.

Our faith is displayed by our works, and there is plenty of work to do. When you choose to be helpful, you can change the life of someone who is helpless.

You have the ability to make an impact and change the future. All it takes is doing the work. Volunteering. Praying. Giving. Walking out your calling as the body of Christ. Be His hands and feet for healed hearts.