• Step 1: Review the Intake Considerations and Criteria Information.
  • Step 3: Phone conversation initiated by Project 2 Restore Leadership Team.
  • Step 4: Follow up phone call with Project 2 Restore Staff.
  • Step 5: Set admission date.

Eligible Applicants Must Meet the Following Criteria:


  • 18 years of age or older (no children)
  • A survivor of sex trafficking
  • A U.S. Citizen or a foreign national who speaks English
  • Biologically female
  • Free of drugs and/or alcohol withdrawals for 30 days
  • Individuals who are not a threat to self or others
  • A desire to commit to the program and to your treatment and healing.

Potential residents must:

Ø  Express a desire to commit to the program and to their treatment and healing.

Ø  Physically able to climb stairs.

Ø  Be able to perform basic self-help activities, such as eating and bathing.

Ø  Have the ability to care for their own possessions to maintain the bedroom and living area in a reasonable state of orderliness and cleanliness.

Ø  Be able to recognize danger or threat to personal safety.

Ø  Have the ability to live comfortably within any limitations in the structure of the facility.

Ø  Be generally able to maintain appropriate behaviors tolerable to the community.

Ø  Be willing to submit to and pass regular and random drug testing.

Ø  Have already received emergent care, as we are not an emergency/temporary shelter and we are not a detoxification facility.

Ø  Sign all required documents upon intake.

  • P2R is unable to provide services for women who are severely hearing impaired or severely visually impaired.
  • P2R is unable to provide services to women with outstanding warrants.
  • P2R is unable to provide services to women who are registered sex offenders.
  • P2R is unable to admit women who are currently using or abusing substances.  Residents with such a history must already be in recovery and have 30 days clean in order to be considered for admittance into P2R. Residents must pass a drug screen at intake.
  • P2R may not be equipped to provide the necessary care for women with severe and/or pervasive mental illness.  Potential residents will be asked to disclose their mental health history, including prior counseling, diagnoses, medications, and hospitalizations.  All admittance decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis by P2R staff.
  • Potential residents will be asked to disclose any medical conditions, as P2R may not be equipped to adequately assist individuals with severe health/medical conditions.
  • P2R is unable to admit women who are currently pregnant.  A pregnancy test will be conducted at intake.
  • A fully completed application is required.  Incomplete applications will not be considered. Women will be asked to disclose information regarding their history and experience, including substance abuse and mental health information, in order for staff to determine if P2R is able to best meet their needs.  Once the application is submitted, staff will thoroughly review it to determine the potential resident’s eligibility for the program.  If it is determined that the applicant meets initial criteria, an applicant interview will be conducted to determine if P2R is an appropriate fit.  If a decision is reached to invite the applicant into the program, the applicant will then be contacted by P2R staff for additional instructions regarding the move in process.  If not admitted to the program, appropriate referrals will be given.  Throughout this process P2R will make every effort to provide follow-up and feedback in a timely manner.
  • Background checks will be done on all who apply to the P2R program.
  • Providing false information on this application may result in dismissal from the P2R program.
  • In order to provide the best care possible, P2R reserves the right to use discretion when making admission decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program? Project 2 Restore is a long-term restoration home. Length of stay is generally 18 – 24 months but varies per individual.

What does the program cost? There are no costs to the participant to be a part of our restoration program.

How many women live at Project 2 Restore? Up to four women can live at the Project 2 Restore home at one time.

Can I have visitors while in the program? We focus on your own needs first. After the first 30 days, your individual goals will determine visits with loved ones.

Can I have my cell phone at Project 2 Restore?  We ask that your cell phone be put away for your safety and the safety of others in our home. Supervised phone calls to your safe contacts can be made from the house phone. The frequency and duration of those calls will be determined by your individual goals. There will be no access to social media during your stay.

Will transportation be accessible? Yes, we will provide you with transportation while you are in our home.

Can I smoke in the program? Yes, you can have smoking privileges in designated areas outside of the home for the first 30 days.

Can I use drugs & alcohol while in the program? Project 2 Restore is a drug & alcohol-free program. We do not allow the use of drugs or alcohol while you are a part of the program.

Items to bring with you if you can access them:

  • Social Security card, Driver’s License or Picture ID, and Birth Certificate.
  • Any court orders governing your children.  This includes CPS Service Plans.
  • Copies of legal paperwork including Conditions of Probation or Parole.
  • At least a 30-day supply of Project 2 Restore approved medications. (No Narcotics)
  • Recent documentation of required health screening.

Items not allowed

  • Drugs, alcohol, unapproved medications, no vaping.
  • Open containers of over-the-counter medications (must be in sealed containers).
  • Bedding items.
  • Books, music players, magazines that are secular in nature.
  • Pictures other than family and children.
  • Weapons including knives, Tasers, pepper spray or mace.

If you meet and agree to the above criteria, please fill out the application below

• Completion of this application assumes the candidate consents to allow the Referring Agency to provide the following information in consideration for her residency at Project 2 Restore.

• Project 2 Restore does not discriminate based on the responses provided on this form. Your candid, factual, and complete responses assist the referral process.


Please be advised that Project 2 Restore is not resourced to provide services for a candidate who meets any of the following conditions. We are unable to accept your candidate if she:

• Has fewer than 30 days clean
• Has physical custody of child(ren)
• Is not ambulatory
• Is not biologically female
• On medication-assisted treatment such as methadone or Suboxone or taking prescription narcotics
• Is prescribed narcotic medication
• Is unable to self-manage
• Is a registered sex offender

We encourage you to seek alternative placement.


Candidate Information

US Citizen/Resident?
English Proficiency

Safety Assessment

Has she been verified as a victim of sexual exploitation/trafficking? (either sexually exploited as a minor, or prostituted as an adult through the means of force, fraud, or coercion)
Is her trafficker(s) still a threat to her?
Is she still in contact with her trafficker(s)?
Is there an open investigation or pending case against her trafficker?
Was she trafficked in any of these states: (select all that apply) KS, MO
Is she affiliated with a gang?
Is her family unsafe or unhealthy?
Does she have a history of violence?
Does she have a history of self-injury of any sort?
Does she have a history of suicide attempts?
Is she a high flight risk?


Does she have valid medical insurance?
Does she have a substance use history?
Note: marijuana and alcohol use are included in substance use history
Is she pregnant?
Does she have valid medical insurance?
Is she ambulatory?
Does she have any of the following medical concerns?
Impairment Does she have a mental health diagnosis?
Has she ever been hospitalized for a psychiatric issue?
Is she prescribed any mental health pharmacology?


Is she under warrant?
Is she on probation or parole?
Is she court-ordered for placement?
Does she have an open case against her trafficker?
Would she be considered under house arrest?
Is she on the Sex Offender Registry?


Is she willing to participate in a Christian program?


What is her marital status?
Does she have child(ren)?
Does she have physical custody of her child(ren)?
Are any of her children offspring from her trafficker?
Does she have a safe provision for childcare while she’s in a program?
Is she a survivor of childhood sexual assault?



Additional Comments

What is her desired length of stay or duration of program need?